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Advanced Treatment


Nayadic units use time-honored techniques to provide consistently clean effluent. Nayadic units rely upon simple, proven techniques to achieve wastewater treatment. Each unit has two chambers: an inner reactor vessel, where wastewater is treated, and an outer clarification chamber, where helpful bacteria settle from the treated water. Combined with its conical design, Nayadic units meet the stringent limits of ANSI/NSF Standard 40, Class 1.

In operation, wastewater is discharged to the inner reactor. Compressed air is pumped into the bottom of the chamber and allowed to rise in a pipe, creating a “Venturi Effect.” This phenomenon assures that the wastewater will be thoroughly treated before it leaves the unit-as is evident in the picture. The inner chamber also creates a quiescent zone along the outer chamber where bacteria can settle. As an added measure, a “scum baffle” keeps floating material from leaving the unit-as can also be seen in the photograph.

The compressor supplying air to the Nayadic can be installed anywhere. An optional tub is available to house the tub above the reactor. Alternatively, the compressor can be housed inside the dwelling, garage, or outside, if protected.

Nayadic is an efficient, compact, self-contained wastewater treatment system designed to dispose of sewage by means of aerobic digestion and filtration for both residential and commercial properties. The result is clear, odorless water, 95% sewage free!


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