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Multi-Flo is the premier wastewater treatment unit available for residential use. Its secret: sufficient aeration to treat the most troublesome wastewater and 30 filter bags that provide 132 ft2 of filtration surface. The result: Multi-Flo units produce an effluent that has less than 5 mg/L CBOD and TSS and a fecal coliform counts that average 203 cfu/100 mL—a whopping 99.999% disinfected—based on independent studies at the University of Wisconsin. In practice, Multi-Flo units regularly produce effluent that have less than 50 cfu/100 mL. No other residential wastewater treatment units can compare.

Examine this cross-section of a Multi-Flo unit. Water enters the unit through the 4-inch PVC pipe that is attached to dwelling or building being served. The aerator at the bottom of the unit draws air through the clear plastic tube and into the reactor chamber, where it mixes with the water. The 30 white filter bags provide filtration at a nominal 100 micron size, assuring you of the cleanest effluent possible. The white PVC pipe also supports a sensor array to alert you and service personnel should a problem with the unit occur.

Note the quality of construction, which includes fiberglass, PVC, and mesh nylon. Also note how the filter bags prevent solids from leaving the unit. Multi-Flo units provide the cleanest effluent because the filter bags prevent the release of solids. And as the filter bags develop a layer of particles, the filtering capabilities increase.

The filter bags are easily accessible for cleaning. A plastic surge bowl, which prevents influent from splashing into the effluent chamber, can be lifted out to expose the filter bag array. Each filter bag can be removed for inspection or replacement as necessary. Filter bags can be washed in a typical washing machine and reused.

Multi-Flo units produce the cleanest effluent. The reactor, which contains the mixture of wastewater and bacteria, has a characteristic frothy appearance. This is the sign of a healthy unit. Note the effluent: it’s crystal clear – so clear that you really cannot see it. What you see are the effluent weir and filter

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