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Advanced Treatment


Enviro-Guard is the ultimate in wastewater treatment: a self-contained system that removes, organic material, solids, pathogens, and nitrogen. Enviro-Guard is the only choice for sensitive environments. Enviro-Guard starts with the Multi-Flo treatment engine, which is enhanced by primary treatment and flow equalization. Enviro-Guard systems include a 500-gallon primary treatment tank and 600-gallon dose tank with associated dosing pump and timer. These tanks condition and hold wastewater for dosing to the treatment tank. Treatment efficiency is maximized by controlling dose frequency, interval, volume, and rate. Enviro-Guard is designed to condition, dose, and treat wastewater such that the effluent can be recycled to the native environment. Enviro-Guard systems remove organic materials solids by over 98 percent. Effluent concentrations of organic material and solids are routinely less than 5 mg/L. In addition, Enviro-Guard reduces total nitrogen, mostly nitrate, by over 60 percent. Were that not enough, NSF conducted a test to determine how long an Enviro-Guard system would take to return to proper functioning after two-months of non-use. The result: two days

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