Advanced Treatment

Advanced Treatment
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Multi-Flo is the premier wastewater treatment unit available for residential use. Its secret: sufficient aeration to treat the most troublesome wastewater and 30 filter bags that provide 132 ft2 of filtration surface. The result: Multi-Flo units produce an effluent that has less than 5 mg/L CBOD and TSS and a fecal coliform counts that average 203 cfu/100 mL—a whopping 99.999% disinfected—based on independent studies at the University of Wisconsin. In practice, Multi-Flo units regularly produce effluent that have less than 50 cfu/100 mL. No other residential wastewater treatment units can compare. Read More


Nayadic units use time-honored techniques to provide consistently clean effluent. Nayadic units rely upon simple, proven techniques to achieve wastewater treatment. Each unit has two chambers: an inner reactor vessel, where wastewater is treated, and an outer clarification chamber, where helpful bacteria settle from the treated water. Combined with its conical design, Nayadic units meet the stringent limits of ANSI/NSF Standard 40, Class 1. Read More

Peat Filters

The Puraflo Wastewater Treatment System is a natural Wastewater Treatment System for Onsite Wastewater Treatment. Utilizing a unique biofibrous peat filter media, the Puraflo Wastewater Treatment System is one of the highest performing, most reliable Wastewater Treatment Systems on the market today. It has proven itself for over 15 years in a large number of U.S. residential and light commercial applications, as well as sites subject to intermittent use or existing sites needing repairs or upgrades. Read More

Soil Fracturing

Terralift is a technological breakthrough in soil restoration. It solves a number of soil problems including compaction, saturation, and improper drainage, without disturbing the ground surface. This revolutionary approach to soil treatment is a benefit to several industries, amoung them: Read More


Enviro-Guard is the ultimate in wastewater treatment: a self-contained system that removes, organic material, solids, pathogens, and nitrogen. Enviro-Guard is the only choice for sensitive environments. Enviro-Guard starts with the Multi-Flo treatment engine, which is enhanced by primary treatment and flow equalization. Enviro-Guard systems include a 500-gallon primary treatment tank and 600-gallon dose tank with associated dosing pump and timer. Read More